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Jordan is back from the ISDE...
23/11/2007 - Source : OCD - Retour à la liste

Our friend Jordan is Back from the 07 ISDE in Chile!
He send us some news and some great pics from his trip over...
He did run a great race and also an awsome french Blue, white and red look!!!..
he did finish 10th in the E catgory
and a per nation 2nd overall

Final results
1 Italy (Salvini, Belometti, Botturi, Micheluz, Dini, Belotti)
2 France (Aubert, Planet, Miquel, Gauthier, Curvalle, Deparrois)
3 Sweden (Ljungreen, Toresson, Wicksell, Bergvall, Georgsson, Carlsson)




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