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The adventure of OCD began in a garage.

Like some companies who became today mythical, the adventure of OCD began in a garage. Passionate by the Motocross since 1982, Christophe discovered the work of Troy Lee in 1987, it was a revelation to him. His father, who owned a garage, Christophe begins to paint his helmet using his father's materials.

Thanks to the the confidence of many young drivers of that time, such as Jean Michel Bayle, the fame of the young Christophe is growing and orders flow. The history of OCD is on.

«For over 20 years I paint helmets for famous drivers but also for passionate's anonymous, I would like to thank all for the confidence they gave to me. Never in my craziest dreams, I would have imagined such enthusiasm. To make a living out of his passion is a wonderful thing, and it would also not have been possible without the help of my family and all the talent and passion of my, past and present, collaborators. My passion for motor sports and graphic design remains intact, and I hope we will write again, together, beautiful pages in our common history»

Christophe Opilard




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